For most business owners, their primary source of income and net worth is their business.  The value of the business is often the biggest source of leverage in the owner's balance sheet and many owners say their biggest driver to future business value is their key employees.  Higley Financial has expertise in designing programs to recruit and retain key employees.  In addition, we can align funding of these programs to come from future growth.  This creates a higher wealth multiple for the owner.  We review and connect the dots with your current programs and service providers and highlight gaps.  Services and programs include:      

Company Retirement Plan Consulting Services

  • 321 and 338 plan fiduciary advisory services
  • Assistance with plan design and implementation for 401(k), profit sharing, cash balance, defined benefit, pension
  • Investment policy statement review
  • Service provider liaison
  • Performance reports
  • Ongoing investment recommendations
  • Assistance with changes in investment options and 404(c) compliance
  • Information to support compliance with 408(b)(2) fee disclosures
  • QDIA – Qualified Default Investment Options
  • Benchmarking services – fees, providers, design, demographics, industry, participant retirement readiness/wellness
  • Fiduciary due diligence review

Executive and High-Income Employee PROGRAMS TO HELP Recruit and Retain

  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs)
  • Phantom stock and performance plans
  • Individually-owned supplemental savings and benefit arrangement
  • Corporate-owned life insurance with informal funding methods
  • Executive life insurance plans including split-dollar, executive bonus and DBO - death benefit only
  • Advanced non-qualified retirement plan designs to consider include 457b, 419a, 412i, 409a, 162 and others
  • Employee/Executive financial education - see Employee Financial Wellness below

Employee Financial Wellness

  • Building an EPS – Education Policy Statement
  • Sharing key details about the current company benefit programs and new programs offered
  • Assisting with enrollment and periodic election changes utilizing formats such as group, one-on-one and/or virtual 
  • Tools include workbooks, calculators, videos, and personalized models with online portal access

Business Transfer and Succession Planning

  • Business valuation
  • Business transition
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Key-person insurance
  • Premium financing
  • Dynamics and planning guidance of a closely-held business
  • Dynamics and planning guidance of a family-owned business

MGMA - medical Group Management Association

  • Higley Financial, LLC is a proud partner of the Oregon Medical Group Management Association - OMGMA
  • We view our financial guidance to clinics as our way of helping them keep our communities healthy
  • To learn more go to Oregon Medical Group Management Association

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